Monday, July 9, 2007

We have a time, we have a date, where's the baby?

Well, Emily decided to wait until her uncle and cousin's birthday to make her arrival. At least we think she's arriving tomorrow. That makes it sound like she's coming in from out of town, rather than the next room where her mother is sitting.

Mom had to go in for another non-stress test; which would have been fine if the "center of the universe" hadn't arrived with her entourage, pillows in tow, for her stress test. The center of the universe plopped down next to mom and proceeded to require the attention of the entire staff. She needed to announce her blood pressure readings to the room every few minutes, before getting on the cell phone with bad reception and loudly discussing the results of her amniocentesis test. Does a room full of nervous pregnant women want to hear about your not fully developed fetus.

To make a bad situation worse the center of the universe turned her attention to mom. When the center found out the we were having a girl she offered her sympathy. "I pity you," because girls were terrible. Of course one of her daughters was sitting right there.

Did I say NON-STRESS test? Mom survived, although there was some concern about her elevated blood pressure.

See you tomorrow, Emily Grace.


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