Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Strange Cat...a Very Strange Cat

Emily Grace called me to look out the window to see the strange cat that was sitting in the driveway. Strange was hardly the word for it. "It" was actually a pile of lint that the technician had removed from the dryer vent that he was cleaning. Guess two years is a little too long to wait between cleanings. I wondered why I had to keep hitting the fluff cycle three times after the clothes were already "dry."

Love Dad

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Early to Bed? Early to Rise!

Emily Grace is definitely an early riser, she is up hours before Mom and I get up and in the early hours things can happen. This morning I went into Emily's bathroom and there on the counter is a flashlight, a Scotch tape dispenser and a timer. What would anyone need these three things for in a bathroom at 6am? Well, today is Mother's Day and Emily was out, in the dark, picking flowers so she could make a bunch of small vases each with its own little flower. Which was beautiful but still doesn't explain the timer.