Wednesday, September 26, 2007

emily time

I'm sitting here with Emily on my lap trying to type and hoping that watching me type will bore her to sleep. With all of the cooing and clucking going on I may as well be taking dictation. We just crossed the 11 week mark and are well on our way to 3 months. Seems like she's been here forever. I'm guessing that Emily is just over ten pounds. Publix, our local grocery store, suggested that I stop weighing Emily on the produce scales. Apparently there are health laws in Florida (not that you'd notice). We did pull out one of her newborn outfits, it's hard to believe that they were big on her. Emily says gooowahhhkrrrrrrrr.


Monday, September 10, 2007

talk to me

Emily and I had a long conversation last night (almost 30 minutes). She is very concerned about this sub-prime lending mess. She can't figure out why all of those financial geniuses think lending large sums of money to people who can't pay it back makes good sense. I guess reading the Wall Street Journal to her while she was in-utero really paid off.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Now I know why

After all of the baby showers we had enough baby clothes to open a small store. I couldn't imagine how we would ever use all of those beautiful outfits. Now I know. While I've been doing Emily's laundry all along, suddenly her output seems to be matching her intake. Does Spray and Wash come in a 55 gallon drum with a spray applicator? I can't find it at Costco. Now, not only does each piece of clothing need to be inspected; you have to look at the whole outfit, not just the obvious places. There are spots in places that just ain't right or even physically possible. Just one more sign that she's my girl.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

to the beach and back again

Emily made her first trip to the beach today. It was going great too, until I dropped the bottle in the sand. Adds calcium I say. It was a beautiful sunset; including the green flashes of light at the horizon just as the sun sets. It was the first time in many, many sunsets that I've seen this phenomena; Emily got it on her very first sunset. Of course she was still obsessing about the sandy nipple and didn't even watch the sun go down. A special hello to Emily's Grandma and Grandpa vacationing in Greece, hope you brought your fire extinguishers.