Sunday, January 22, 2012

Was It Something I Said?...

Mom has requested this entry.

After talking to Emily Grace about who knows what. Emily turned around and announced "Sometimes I just don't know what my dad is saying." This is from the child who would like "cream of the ice" or "berries of the straw" for ice cream and strawberries. Consider the source. By the way, Mom says she knows where Emily gets it from; but she won't tell me.


P.S. The boycott of the cat lasted fifteen minutes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The lion roars.........

Emily Grace is not one of those kids that listens to my good advice, or suggestions or even pleas for sanity. I guess that makes her just like me. I was the kid with his head, hands or feet stuck in something that required the jaws of life to free. Thank God my dad was a doctor.

Emily thinks her cats are little people and she's constantly in their faces talking to them and being pushy. Cats being cats, Tigger took a swipe at Emily Grace and left her with two scratches across her face, including a good one on her eyelid.

After the tears and guilt from me Emily agreed to stay away from Tigger for four days until Tigger learned to be a better friend.

Look for a repeat of this story in five days.