Saturday, February 16, 2008

And a baby shall lead the way...

Mom, Emily and I went on a hike at the Booker Creek Preserve here in Florida. Now, Mom and I have taken lots of hikes over the years in many different places; in all kind of conditions. And I can say without a doubt that the trails at the Booker Creek Preserve are the best marked trails in all of America. The baby could follow these trails. The choice was a smooth sandy path or a sharp, cutting crawl through pointy, jagged undergrowth. Just in case the pain factor wasn't enough to help you figure out which way to go; there were trail markers every five feet. Why don't they just tie a rope around you and drag you through the park? They must lose an inordinate number of people in the parks here in Florida.


Just in case

Just in case you couldn't see the tooth. If you click on the picture (any of the pictures) it will expand to drive-in movie proportions.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Hard to see, easy to feel.....just ask mom

After an exhaustive search and extensive photo shoot we were able to capture the elusive first tooth on film. It took lots of cajoling, plenty of hot water and a lot of laughter but we finally got it.
Enjoy. Dad

Thursday, February 14, 2008

don't let that cute face fool you....

When Emily grows up she should open a destruction company, that's not a typo. She is a one baby wrecking crew. She's relentless. The house was clean, everything put away and then she woke up. The pictures say it all.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There she goes........

There was a time that I didn't care for toys that made noise. Then I figured out that I could keep track of Emily's whereabouts by listening for the music from her toys; if the music was playing then she had to be with the toy. Well..... I could hear the music playing and when I went for a visual check Emily and the musical duck were on their way out of the family room and to the bathroom. So much for the best laid plans. The picture is Emily on her way to a bath, we undress her in the bedroom and she crawls all the way to the bathroom. Watch where you step.


Friday, February 1, 2008

The "grass" is always greener....

It's amazing just how many diapers one baby can use in a day. I'm thinking of renaming Emily Grace "The Super Soaker." On a side note. In preparation for Emily's adventures outside I finally decided to take care of the lawn. (Lawn here being described as a generic green mass that kept mowed prevents the homeowners' association from sending me threatening letters). So I sprayed it with a Weed n' Feed from Ortho; two days later, everything was dead. Now, when Emily crawls across the lawn you can follow her progress by the dust cloud that follows along behind her.