Monday, September 8, 2008

more fine art

I did need to comment on the Ringling Museum's modern art exhibit. Several of the piece look as if they've come from the Cofer Brothers U-Pull-It salvage yard. It doesn't matter how much you still shine it up, junk is junk.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

fine art

While in Sarasota a visit to the Ringling Museum is a must; beautiful art, beautiful grounds and clowns, what more do you need? Emily Grace was not feeling well the day we went to the Ringling Museum. The room sized baroque paintings were not enough to keep a 1-year old engaged. We managed to keep her happy by finding all of the dogs that were in the paintings. Every time we found and pointed out a dog to her Emily Grace would "woof" for us. At last count there are 39 dogs in the paintings at the Ringling. Emily was a little confused by the angels in the paintings, she thought they were birds. I explained to her that angels were just the result from people having sex with chickens. Mom was not amused.


Friday, September 5, 2008

answers to one of life's pressing questions

I got an answer to the hotel/motel question in the last blog. It seems that one has a heated pool and the other a cesspool.

Thanks Brent,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hurricane safety

What better place to take a baby during a hurricane than the beach? We went to Sarasota for the Labor Day weekend, staying at the Lido Beach Resort. A very nice hotel, I'm not quite sure what makes it a "resort"could be the two, count 'em two ping pong tables; maybe it was the fish pond. Of course I'm still unclear on the whole hotel/motel and which is which, so remember your source here. The Lido Beach Resort was a very nice place. My only complaint is that there are no towels or even paper towels in the kitchen. Have you ever tried to dry a wine glass with a bath towel?

Emily loved the beach, even if the hurricane whipped waves were over her head. She loved the swimming pool even if it was over her head too.