Monday, July 2, 2007

One small step for Emily Grace

Went to go get the car seats inspected. Actually, there is only one car seat; it just happens to come with three bases one for mom, one for dad, and the last one for grandma. Since when did we have to get the car seat installation checked? It's a seatbelt threaded through a plastic tab. How bad can you screw that up? The nice ladies from AAA who did the inspection decided to add a special clip to the seatbelt to keep it from slipping. In order to get the base out the poor woman had to physically climb into the seat to create enough pressure/slack to release the seatbelt. If I had climbed in there it would have taken the jaws of life to get me out.

Because having a baby is not enough to keep anyone busy these days I'm also enrolled in the Master's program at the local university. Today was the start of a new class, everyone in my cohort knows about Emily, the professor does not. So when I referenced the baby in class the professor thought I was talking about a grandchild. (much to the delight of my cohort). I tried that joke, "I'm the father and grandfather" but in Florida it's usually not a joke.


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