Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emily comes home

We finally got to bring our little girl home today. OK, tonight actually. Emily had to be in the hospital for 48 hours and as soon as that time was up, out we went....well.... Trying to get out of the hospital gave me the oddest sense of deja vu. Different time, different place, same experience; the first example that came to mind was circling the airport because the airline doesn't have any ground crew ready to handle the plane when it lands. Didn't they know we we're coming? The arrival time is printed on my ticket. How come the ground crew didn't get the word? Don't they work for the same company as the guys flying this thing?

Well that was the hospital today. We wanted to check out at 8pm. We told the nurses and doctor and everyone of them said, "no problem." They even brought all of the paperwork for us to go over and sign in the afternoon. At six o'clock we sign everything we needed to sign except for the final release paper, which you sign as you walk out of the door. Seven o'clock comes around and we pack up everything and then we wait, and wait, and wait. At 8:30 I call the desk and the nurse seems a little surprised by my request to leave. She sends someone down to investigate. They have to then go and get the paperwork so we can be released, after signing more papers than it takes to buy a house it was time to go. We can leave as soon as the hospital can find a wheelchair for mom. Did they not know we were leaving? Doesn't the person running the wheelchair concession at the hospital work for the same people that make us sign all of those papers? Why would you come down to release us and then go looking for the wheelchair?

With all of these businesses it seems like this is the first time that they've ever done this and they're still working the kinks out. Maybe I'd better go take a closer look at Emily, just to be sure.


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