Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a helpful little girl....

Had a guy coming to the house today to give me an estimate for a new roof. Emily Grace's mom thought this would be a good time for her to go see the dentist and leave Emily here to face the salesman with daddy. What a good decision. The salesman could never hit his stride with all of the interruptions from Emily Grace; she was always polite, but she was non-stop. The salesman brought one of our old shingles down to show me how bad they are. He wanted me to bend it in half or tear it apart to see how much it had deteriorated. I declined citing the fact that I didn't want to clean up all of the mess that would fall off. He was very insistent. I told him I already know how bad they are and didn't need to make a mess to prove a point to myself. Emily Grace solved the problem by taking the piece of shingle, shoving it down her shirt and running away. Emily also helped to end the meeting by climbing up and playing the piano, LOUD. I really didn't know she could play it that loudly. The guy was trying to be nice and kept turning around and asking her to be quiet. Which she did for about ten seconds, just long enough for him to turn back around to face me. The meeting ended soon after the concert started. Normally I would not have let Emily Grace carry on like that, but after an hour of hearing about how bad my roof is, even after telling the guy I know that already, I really didn't care what she was doing as long as it reasonable. Next time I'm going to the dentist and mom can deal with the roofers. No Novocaine for me please.


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