Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The jeep ride

We met our guide, Kevin, early in the morning.  We loaded up in the jeep.  I sat in the back with mom and dad rode in front with Kevin.  Our first stop was Newspaper Rock.  It had all kinds of cool writing and pictures on the wall from the Anasazi people.  Some of the paintings of feet had 6 toes!  From there we drove into Canyonlands National Park.  We started up Elephant Hill.  It was very bumpy and I hung on like Grandpa said.  Kevin put on special gloves and rolled his window down so he could look out to help him drive.  It was so bumpy that mom and I kept swaying side to side and when the jeep tilted it felt like we would flip over.  We also drove backwards on Elephant Hill, I thought that was kind of scary.  We drove over several more hills and stopped at Devil's Kitchen for lunch.  Kevin said we could explore while he set up lunch.  I climbed over big boulders.  Even though it was very hot it was cool in the shade of the rocks.  After lunch we drove some more and came across a big field where there were tons and tons of grasshoppers.  Since we had our windows down, grasshoppers hopped in.  You should have seen the windshield.  It was covered with grasshoppers.  Once we were done in the field there were still a few inside the jeep on the roof.  They eventually hopped to freedom.  Our next stop was the hike to Chesler Park.  On our first water break we saw some cool swirly rocks, then we saw a cool rock shaped like Santa Claus.  Then Kevin asked if I wanted to lead the hike.  He said we would soon be in a really cool place.  He was right.  The cool place was the "birthplace of cairns".  It was kind of like a cave with tons of cairns.  I built one.  It was also a cool temperature. Then I continued to lead the hike through very, very narrow places.  It was like a tunnel, but then we climbed some rocks to a view of Chesler Park.  We climbed a little more for an even cooler view.  There Kevin asked if I wanted to try to climb down.  He showed me how to "boot and scoot."  At the bottom we found "trail booty" was a hat.  After climbing back up the rock Kevin had me lead everyone out.  He told me to look for footprints along the trail or cairns people built along the path so I wouldn't get lost.  It was a cool jeep ride.  I will tell you about Fiery Furnace and river rafting tomorrow.

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Aunt Amy said...

Emily what a cool trip Mommy and Daddy planned for you! I would have been scared of the grasshoppers though, I wouldn't want them riding around in the jeep with me, they jump all over and are scratchy. I can't wait to read about your rafting trip!
love AA