Monday, June 27, 2016

A letter to Grandma and Grandpa... and Aunt Amy

Today was our first day in Moab. We went to Arches National Park.First I started of the day taking a walk with dad.We saw cool lizards,chipmunks and even a few golf balls.  Then we got in the car and drove to Arches National Park.  The rocks were amazing.  They were red and the sky was blue.  But it wasn't just any blue; against the red rocks it was really blue.  In the visitor center we talked to the ranger and on Wednesday we are going to hike Fiery Furnace with a guide.  The ranger said we will get to climb on rocks and go off the trail. We drove to the Window Section of the park and took a short hike to get closer to the phenomenal rocks.  We saw the North and South Window and we took the Primitive Trail which I thought was cool because you got to climb on some rocks and there were not many people.  The only sign of animal life was a few lizards and a few chipmunks.  Maybe they thought it was too hot. Then there was a short hike to Double Arch.  We went back to the house to cool off in the pool before heading out again later this afternoon when it is not as hot.  I'll share more tomorrow!

Love, Emily

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