Thursday, May 24, 2012

They're just a bunch of sticks

We decided to plant a rose garden in the front yard and Emily Grace was a big part of the process. She helped mark the area for the new bed. She watched as I sprayed Round-Up to eliminate the grass. She helped dig up the old lawn. And, she helped to order the roses from Jackson Perkins Nursery. Of course, Emily wanted to do all of these things on the same day. Once the roses finally arrived Emily was disappointed that it was a box filled with a bunch of sticks (bare root roses).
     A quick side note on Jackson Perkins. They're slipping. You used to get a little metal tag on each rose identifying the variety, only three out of seven plants had tags. And the bigger issue is that the most expensive rose arrived the size of a miniature rose. It's so out of place it's funny, except for the fact that I paid the most for it.
       I explained about shipping live plants and that they were "sleeping"/dormant. She was away when it came time to actually plant so I did it by myself. when she got home her first question was to ask why I had planted a stick garden. So much for the lesson on dormant roses. It's good to be four.


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