Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Little Things That Just Go Away

I'm not sure how long ago this happened but I just noticed it recently. When Emily is done talking on the phone to someone she's close to like me or mom, Nan-Na or Pop-Pop, her sister Katie, even Aunt Amy or Auntie Sue; Emily would always end the call by blowing us a kiss before hanging up. I felt especially lucky because I also got a hug with my goodbye kiss. If you wonder what a hug sounds like on the phone go find someone you love and give them a great big hug. Listen to the sound you make and that is the sound that Emily would make for me. She came up with this sound and ritual on her own. Sadly, these rituals have faded away. I can only guess that as Emily has begun to speak to more and different people on the phone even she recognizes that not everyone gets a kiss and telemarketers don't deserve hugs.


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