Sunday, February 1, 2009

If I can get it in my mouth...

Emily Grace is not a picky eater, she does seem to cycle through how much she'll eat at any one time, but seconds and thirds are the norm; she also likes to graze throughout the day. With so many meals we were running out of cutlery. That's right Emily Grace is very proficient with a fork and spoon. We have been using the little spoons that you use when you first feed the baby, the ones with the long handle. Watching Emily try and hold the end of those and maneuver the food to her mouth was always interesting. I imagine it would be like us trying to eat with a mixing spoon or one of those barbecue forks. So Emily and I went out today to buy some new forks and spoons, the choices are many the options are few. But the most interesting set of baby cutlery out there is the three pack from Gerber. It contains a knife. What is a baby going to do with a knife? Granted, it's not sharp, pointy or serrated, she might be able to cut some soft butter if that ever appears on the menu. I think I'll make her a steak tonight.


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