Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pink Baby Returns

Emily Grace has had a doll since she was a year old.  Its name? Pink Baby, of course.  Named by Emily because of the doll's outfit. Well, after more than 4 years of constant loving and extensive travels across the United States with Emily, Pink Baby was looking a little worse for wear. More specifically, she was about to lose a leg; so we had to find a doll hospital to fix her. We found TLC Doll Hospital in Edgewater, CO...which we highly recommend. Pink Baby was mailed away in a box that Emily decorated inside with stickers so Pink Baby would have something to look at while she traveled. When we mailed Pink Baby, Emily was already figuring out when Pink Baby would arrive in Colorado, how long it should take to repair her, and when Pink Baby should be back home. It was very endearing to listen to Emily try and figure out where Pink Baby might be, what might be happening to her and most importantly, when would she get home. It's the last one that was the killer. We didn't just hear about it everyday, we heard about it multiple times a day. The only thing that saved us was that Emily wasn't worried about herself, she was concerned about Pink Baby and how was she handling being away from Emily. The whole thing took about two weeks and you have never seen a happier little girl than when the mailman handed her the box from Colorado.


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