Monday, September 5, 2011

What kind of bad dad am I?

As you can tell from the widening gap between posts that keeping up with Emily Grace is becoming more challenging, daily. I don't necessarily mean that in a negative way, although there are days... Emily has not only survived her first year in pre-school with me but now finds herself "promoted" to mom's room for this school year. The first thing Emily noticed in mom's room is that there are a lot more rules. (that's why mom is considered the gold standard) Emily has pointed this out to her mother to no avail. Emily's language has also been developing at a tremendous rate, primarily in the way that she uses language and puts thoughts and concepts together. She asked me the other day to "plug the toaster out" or un-plug the toaster. We had pork chops for dinner the other night and Emily got down out of her chair, walked around the table to me, cocked her head to one side and said "these pork chops are not working for me." I told her that dessert would not be working for her either if she didn't finish eating her dinner. The look of shock and dismay was worth the price of admission. Today Emily wanted to know if silly putty was waterproof. I told her that I wasn't sure but if she put it all in the water it might be ruined and I didn't want to hear any crying. I then asked her how she could figure out this problem. She told me that she would take a little tiny piece of silly putty and just test that and see if it was OK. I thought "Wow!" there are kids in fifth grade who couldn't figure that solution out on there own. Do you see why these blogs are getting farther and farther apart?.....


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