Friday, July 9, 2010

Emily Grace is 3....

How did this happen? Where did my baby go? What happened to my little girl? She's 3 and acting every day of it. No, 3 going on 13 or 3 going on 30. She's 3! God help me. I keep getting in trouble or more accurately she keeps getting in trouble because she has great language. She told me recently to take the highway home because it was a short cut and short cuts are faster. And she makes great connections such as, short cuts get us there faster; so I give her too much credit for being more mature that she really is for 3 years old. So when she does things like putting a full glass of milk on the bed while trying to climb up it's hard to remember she's only 3. Or when she wants to take every baby doll and stuffed bear with us when we go out she's only three. Actually, in all of these examples she was only 2. 2 going on 3. The way it should be for all children.

Love Mom and Dad

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