Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're on vacation

God help us all! Well, fortunately, for mommy and daddy grandma and grandpa came with us so there is plenty of entertainment and people to cajole Emily. We must admit, however, that she's been a good traveler. She survived the plane ride with a little fussing because she wanted to sleep, but then had a blast going up and down the stairs in the Baltimore airport during our layover. She's not a big fan of her car seat, but she's almost outgrown it and who would like to ride backwards anyway?

She's been on a few hikes, pushed her stroller on the carriage road (instead of riding in it), splashed in a tide pool, picked up over a million rocks (only ate a few), and watched the tide go in and out. Tasted some lobster today (she preferred the corn), yelled at some kids in the park, drove a tractor, and figured out that standing in the crib to yell at mom and dad gets immediate results, especially when mom and dad are forced to sleep in the same room. The one thing good about coming home will be separate bedrooms. Pictures will follow....more hikes and adventures tomorrow.

Love, Mom

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