Friday, August 3, 2007

more pictures, less sleep

Guess which view we see most often?

I know I'll get no sympathy for this complaint but here goes. Technology is killing me. Emily now sleeps in her own room; because her room is on the other side of the house we have a baby monitor. When Emily's big sisters were babies they slept in their own rooms, that were across the hall and we didn't need monitors. Actually it was so long ago that baby monitors hadn't been invented yet. So, now that I have the monitor every breath, sigh and hiccup is broadcast into our bedroom all night long. Here's where it gets tricky, Emily has been sleeping for six hours at night; for a three week old baby that's great, too great in fact. When Emily crossed the three hour mark we were happy; at four hours ecstatic; at five hours worried, now I'm awake waiting for the monitor to make a sound, any sound, give me a hiccup; at six hours I couldn't stand it any more and went and woke up the baby. Problem solved; until I re-appeared back in the bedroom with a baby in tow. Try explaining to mom. Next time I'll just go slep in the baby's room.


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